Tokyo Nightlife Guide

Well, when we talk about Nightlife, especially in the Tokyo, of course there are many things that can be done, starting from enjoying the typical urban bustle of Shinjuku, Spiritual Experiences at various temples, Local Food such as Ramen or enjoying Sake at various Bars, Restaurant In Japan Esepcially Tokyo mostly provides their own unique food so it's really worth to try also various Destinations and Entertainment  from Morning to Late Night with unforgettable nuances. This short guide may be a reference for you to enjoy the atmosphere of Tokyo nightlife alone or with family and friends.

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It would be nice to fill the stomach first with a variety of foods to enjoy a long pleasant evening, Tokyo provides a variety of food at various typical Restaurants in tokyo ranging from luxurious with stunning views of tokyo city, restaurants with classic atmosphere or the most famous and favorite alternatives used in Japan such as Vending Machine or Fast Food. Asakusa with the nuances of traditional Japanese food, Shinjuku with a restaurant in the building with views of the Japanese city or Akibhara with a Maid Cafe or Anime themed restaurant, therefore you only need to choose what you like.


After tasting various foods, of course relaxing in warm water is the best choice to go next, Tokyo itself offers a variety of Onsen with various themes and one of the most favorite is relaxing on an Onsen with an open theme that can directly see the night sky, Onsen on the side others also make the body fresher and healthier so that it makes Fit's stamina condition to continue enjoying the night in Tokyo.

Night Walk

Another thing to do after enjoying food at various restaurants or soaking in the onsen is a night walk. Japan is famous for its low crime rate and therefore Night walk is the best choice that can be done if you want to do a little exercise and enjoy the Tokyo night atmosphere, Take a walk on the pedestrians, parks or enjoy tall buildings with sparkling lights on the building is an alternative to relaxation to do.

Nightlife District

Finally we come to the end, Tokyo offers a fun nightlife, Famous for hundreds of hostess clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs even Redlight Districts. Kabukicho as the main center of nightlife in tokyo offers a very thick nightlife, mingle with locals and enjoy sake or other things until morning! Shibuya on the other hand offers dozens of nightclubs suitable for dancing, drinking or other things, Ginza with a more atmosphere with a hostess or premium bar and Roppongi being the most suitable place to visit if you want to feel a more tourist-friendly atmosphere because it is centered on this district, various sightseeing and drinking experiences, karaoke until morning!

That's it, Enjoy your night and stay safe!

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