4 Awesome Bar You Must Visit In Tokyo!

Japan is one of the most visited countries by foreign tourists because of its beauty but also various tourist destinations ranging from those with a Japanese vintage History to the most Modern ones. Tokyo itself is the capital of Japan which is one of the most visited cities in the world with a variety of diverse destinations and one of the most iconic is Night Life in the world with several bars which provide a new experience with their own characteristics.

Tokyo Has a variety of Clubs and Bars in every corner of the city but only a few bars that in my personal opinion provide a new and unforgettable experience. Below are some recommended Clubs and Bars that you can visit when you are in Tokyo.

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1. Rock No Kokoro

The first is Rock No Kokoro Bar or in English Rock in the heart. It's one of those bars that offers a new experience where rock music lovers from all over the world gather and talk. Not only rock music lovers who come sometimes also the artists themselves mingle with all the visitors, This bar is located in Shibuya and offers a variety of affordable food and drinks, Cocktails themselves start from 750 yen as well as main dishes such as Fried Chicken, French Fries, Croquettes, etc. If you are a rock music lover then this is the right place to enjoy your night in Tokyo and interact with other rock music lovers!

2. Propaganda Bar

Propaganda Bar is one of the oldest and opened in 1997, Being one of the bars that still survives today. This bar is located in the vicinity of Roppongi and is accessible on foot. Their bar offers happy hour until 9 PM where drinks are only half price, so if you don't want to get too drunk and just want to try a new atmosphere this is the perfect time. This bar is also a favorite for expatriates with friendly waiters and a variety of Food & Drinks at affordable prices, becoming one of the favorites for local and foreign tourists. They also often hold events on big days such as Christmas and Halloween.

3. Brewdog Pub

Brewdog is one of the famous brewery brands originating from Scotland. This pub has become one of the favorites of tourists because it is famous for its strong drink taste but has a distinctive taste image, This pub can be accessed only by walking 5 minutes from Roppongi Station, They also offer main meals at quite affordable prices apart from that also they always routinely do crazy stunts attractions such as making cocktails from the water and many others, Invite your friends and feel a new experience that you have never had before at Brewdog Pub!

4. Music Bar Rockaholic

The last bar I recommend is the Rockaholic Music Bar, just as the name suggests, this bar has a hard rock theme that offers a new sensation. This bar is located in shibuya and can be accessed by walking about 5 minutes from Miyashita Park, This bar offers a variety of affordable drinks and one of the favorites is Heineken and a variety of food. This bar has become one of the main rock scenes in Tokyo that is becoming a favorite For Rock music enthusiast, so if you are a Rock music enthusiast this is the right place to spend your night enjoying a new musical atmosphere with everyone.

Japan is one of the favorite countries visited by many people with various very diverse tourist destinations, Tokyo itself is the center of it all which offers a new Night Life atmosphere for its visitors. It's not complete if you're on vacation or work and don't enjoy the nightlife in tokyo so I hope some of the bar recommendations above can be a reference for all of you! Spending the night at the bar or club is fun but I hope you are always careful especially with the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Always wear a mask and practice social distancing, Stay Safe & Have Fun!

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