4 Beautiful Beach You Must Visit In Japan!

Did you know that Japan is actually one of the countries with the most island chains in the world? With the four largest islands - Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku- forming a long and narrow coastline and providing a large and wide coastline facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and Japan to the west, apart from the several major main islands above, there are more of the 3,000 small islands that surround the mainland in Japan, especially one in the south, that is Okinawa Island with more than a combination of more than 130 small and large islands in its prefecture.

Many Islands means there is a very long coastline and therefore Japan is one of the most favorite beach destinations in the world and of course there are many things to do on the beaches in Japan, from surfing, sunbathing and building sand castles to various other various fun water sports.

1. Manza Beach

Source: Yuichi Sakubara / CC BY-NC 2.0

The first is Manza Beach, where the coastline stretches for more than 300 meters with white sand and crystal clear water on the main island of Okinawa. Manza Beach also has a resort hotel overlooking the beach with a very beautiful view and offers many activities for hotel guests and other visitors. Visitors can snorkel by boat or do scuba diving and enjoy the sight of various unique colorful fish and other marine creatures swimming around the reef. Apart from that, you can also visit various other destinations such as marine parks, hiking, playing mini golf, jet skiing, renting bicycles, canoes, etc. Manza Beach has a land with a soft rock texture and a not too difficult obstacle where you can see a variety of fauna & flora around the rocks on the beach.

2. Jodogahama Beach

Source: Roberto Maxwell / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Jodogahama Beach Located around the Rikuchu coastline, This is a unique small beach flanked by pine forests and a unique combination of various white volcanic rocks. The meaning of Jodogahama is "Holy Land" which refers to the beauty of this hidden bay scenery, With a beach that is great for swimming, with a combination of clear blue water and very calm waves, the beach itself consists of various rocks and is not very It is recommended to go barefoot when walking on it but the white sand is very soft and climbs your toes when touching and digging it, this beach has a beauty and calm atmosphere that creates a unique combination and provides a new experience for its visitors. Jodogohama also offers hiking trails or boat trips that explore the nearby waters and islands and visit the Blue Caves, which are very famous for it’s beauty.

3. Emerald Beach

Source: Enggul / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Emerald Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, this beach is located in Okinawa. This beach is very unique and beautiful with a combination of beautiful and soft white coral sand and spectacular and clean cobalt blue sea water, Emerald beach is one of the beach options that can be used for swimming with its very calm waves and clean water, you can enjoy swimming at this beach from April to around the end of October. This beach is also often visited by sea turtles who come to the beach every year to lay their eggs. Apart from that, you can also visit one of the best Aquariums in Japan, the Churaumi Aquarium with its diversity.

4. Kujukuri Beach

Source: Sinn / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Kujukuri Beach is one of the largest and longest beaches in Japan, this beach stretches over 60 kilometers of sandy coastline and is located in Chiba prefecture. The majority of the land is rockless and with Pacific waves hitting the shoreline it provides excellent surfing conditions. The water temperature at Kujukuri Beach is relatively warm until the end of October, and this makes this beach perfect for swimming even after the summer transition has ended. This is an underdeveloped beach, with only a few hotels and small shops. This makes it the best destination if you want to visit a beach that still has a distinctive natural feel.


With one of the countries with many islands making Japan one of the countries with a variety of coastal destinations that can be visited, a very wide coastline and close to the Pacific provides a diversity of flora & fauna. More than 3000 medium and small islands that you can visit in Japan and because of that you can visit them one by one and get new very interesting experiences! Playing on Beach is fun, but I hope you will always take care of your health during current COVID-19 Pandemic. Always wash your hands, Use masks and always do Social Distancing, Happy Holidays and Stay Safe Everyone!

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