4 Museum You Must Visit In Japan!

KiaraNews.com - Planning a Vacation in Japan? Then you need to prepare various things from luggage, money, hotels and of course the places you will visit! Japan is full of various things from its very long history and various other unique Destinations, Maybe visiting some museums sounds good for you? If So, maybe Today Blog that I will write can be a reference for you, So let's start!

1. National Museum of Nature and Science

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One of the museums that I recommend is the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo which is located in the eastern corner of Ueno Park, This is one of the must-visit destinations when you are in Japan, Tons of natural history and technology from various parts of Japan with very good facilities. complete and large, this museum has a very impressive collection of flora and fossils with a unique concept that displays various collections beautifully throughout the museum building. In addition, this museum also shows various historical advances in technology and that includes various tools and objects that have been used to preserve and study our world. If you are planning to visit Ueno Park or maybe you are taking a walk in Ueno Park maybe you can visit this museum.

2. Miraikan Museum

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Miraikan is the National Museum of New Science and Innovation located in Odaiba, you only need to walk about 20 minutes from Daiba Station. Miraikan Museum is one of the largest museums in Japan that displays various technological and scientific developments. Opened around 2001, the Miraikan Museum was created to be a venue for exhibits where there is a better understanding of science and technology and to help each visitor to understand technological developments, especially in Japan and encourage young and old generations to be more creative scientifically and technologically. . This museum is one that must be visited if you also want to know more about advances in science and technology.

3. Amuse Museum

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Amuse Museum is one of the museums that you need to visit, this museum is only about five hundred meters from Asakusa Station, this museum displays various arts and cultures from all over Japan with very complete facilities. Amuse Museum is known for its museum that is described as "Living" due to which various textiles, graphics, and designs influenced by traditional Japanese culture are here. It is a permanent museum exhibition with a collection of textiles and one of them is traditional Japanese clothing such as Kimono, some of which originate from the Edo Period. The perfect place if you want to enjoy the diversity of traditional and modern Japanese arts.

4. Ghibli Museum

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Do you like Anime? If so, surely you are already familiar with Studio Ghibli or regardless of whether you are a fan of Japanese anime or cartoon films, this museum is a must-visit! Located about 15 minutes by foot from Mitaka Station, It is one of the most popular museums in the world located in Japan with a variety of enchanting facilities showcasing the various history and works of Studio Ghibli, the company behind some of the most famous anime works in the world (Totoro, Howl Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and many others!). You can visit this museum and spend a few hours perusing the various collections of original drawings and concepts of the various Iconic Anime. In addition, you can watch exclusive animated short in the museum's adorable cinema, and explore the rooftop garden where you will find Robot Solider over a height. from five meters from One of Ghibli's best works that is Laputa Castle in the Sky. You must visit it!

There are many other museums but I summarize some of the museums that I think are must-visit in Japan. I hope this blog can be a reference for you to choose a destination if you are going on vacation in Japan, Traveling is fun but as we all know the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently happening is very dangerous, therefore I hope you take care of your health and do various preventive measures by eating Vegetables & Fruit, Wearing masks, Washing hands and Do Social Distancing. Stay Safe And Happy Holidays guys!

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