4 Maid Cafe Recommendation In Japan

KiaraNews.com - Japan, Country with various unique cultures that are very iconic starting from a Very long history as well as new popular cultures such as anime, games, etc. One of the Japanese popular culture icons is Kawaii (Cute) based on Anime culture from Japan and implemented in every sector, one of them is the Maid Cafe, this is a cafe with a maid atmosphere that offers a variety of dishes with an Unique atmosphere where we will be served by various types of Cute or even Victoria Era Maid. On this blog, you can see some Maid Cafe recommendations.

1. Pinafore

Source: Guilhem Vellut / CC BY 2.0

One place that you should not miss when you are in Akihabara is visiting a Maid cafe, one of the unique cafes that you need to visit is Pinafore, this is one of the popular Maid Cafes that was founded around 2003 serving a variety of foods, drinks and desserts that are served. by various cute maids. You can enjoy a variety of unique dishes and be entertained by traditional Akihabara culture. Besides that, the waitresses of this cafe design their own costumes and waitress decorations, so you can chat with the women who are not only cute but also very talented in many ways. Pinafore Maid This cafe has a cheerful atmosphere so you can end it even by yourself.

2. Maidreamin

Source: Allan BeaufourCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Maidreamin Cafe is one of the most popular maid cafes in Japan which has franchises all over the country including in the Akihabara area itself. Maidreamin Cafe is known for its entertaining and lively cafe atmosphere and not only visited by tourists or otaku, Maidreamin is also popular with families and couples! This cafe offers a wide variety of dishes, drinks and desserts decorated with cute and adorable patterns such as omelette rice with character images or customers themselves, Parfaits and alcoholic drinks. You can also talk and joke with the maids and the maids are very talented too, enjoy your time here!

3. Cure Maid Cafe

Source: Keatl CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Cure Maid Cafe is Piooner "Original Maid Cafe", founded in 2001. It is not just a typical maid cafe, but a quiet environtment place in an amazing Victorian Era style. This place is suitable for those of you who are nervous about chatting with maids but still want to feel the atmosphere at a maid cafe. If you are like that then you are the perfect choice to visit this place! The maid staff here are dressed in classic maid attire and are trained to provide wholehearted and thoughtful service to guests just like the maids of the Victorian Era wearing long skirt uniforms accentuate the dignified attitude of the waiter, in such a way that eating here makes you feel served like noble.

4. Granvania


Granvania is a Maid Cafe that is designed more like a gastropub than a cafe and is famous for its gourmet food and large selection of alcoholic drinks including more than 30 different beers from 10 different countries. This place is best for enjoying food and drinks with a cheerful atmosphere served by various cute maids. Chat with the maids and enjoy various dishes with a unique atmosphere that you have never feel before!

So some of the recommendations above are Maid cafes that you can visit while on vacation in Japan. Each cafe has its own unique atmosphere with a different atmosphere that you haven't felt before. You can enjoy everything from cute foods to alcoholic drinks. I hope that some of the recommendations above can be useful for your vacation plans in Japan. As we all know COVID-19 is still a frightening pandemic and I hope you can take care of your health by washing your hands, using masks and applying social distancing. Stay Safe And Happy Holidays guys!

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