4 Aquariums You Must Visit In Japan!

KiaraNews.com - Irasshaimase! Welcome to Japan where a country with lots of unique and fun things! The Land of the Sun provides comfort in various things ranging from delicious food, a long history, futuristic, cartoon and a community atmosphere that Polite provides comfort for us to feel more at home in Japan. On this blog, I will give some Aquarium recommendations to visit in Japan.

1. Kaiyukan Aquarium

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Kaiyukan Aquarium, one of the best Aquariums in the world located in Osaka, near Mount Tianbao. Kaiyukan is one of the largest aquariums in the world with an Indoors theme. Kaiyukan is famous for the theme of Pacific Ocean Biota which represents the underwater in various regions around the Pacific Ocean. One of the highlights of this aquarium is the whale shark, displayed in a large scale water tank that gives the whale sharks the freedom to swim here and there. This is the most popular animal in the Kaiyukan Aquarium. This aquarium does not provide sea animal shows but you can see and enjoy more than 620 kinds of rich biological species with a total of 30,000 in various forms. Kaiyukan aquarium also has many types of fish, but also provides various geniuses of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and invertebrates. , as well as Flora. You can also enjoy the night atmosphere of this Aquarium and have a new experience that will not be forgotten!

2. Sunshine Aquarium

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Another Unique Aquarium located in Japan, the Sunshine Aquarium is located in Sunshine City and is very easy to reach by various public transportation. This aquarium is uniquely designed based on the design concept "Oasis in the Sky" where you can enjoy the ecology of various other organisms ranging from flora & fauna from different perspectives. Sunshine Aquarium also acts as an entertainment and recreation complex where visitors can also enjoy water shows which are very popular in Japan. One of the shows that should not be missed is the Sea Lion Show. The show takes place on an open stage where sea lions and animal tamer work seamlessly together, and every skill they perform in ball-header, such as ring-on, greetings, cartwheels, is hilarious and fun!

3. Uminonakamichi Marine World

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Uminonakamichi Marine world is one of the first aquariums to be built around April, 1989. Tamana marine is managed by the government and other parties, with a unique theme, namely the Warm Tsushima Current, this aquarium consecutively displays the diversity of the subtropics around Amami Island. -Oshima from the coastal area of Kyushu and Flora & Fauna from all over Japan. The biggest attraction in this facility is the dolphin and sea lion show pool with its very pleasant performances. There is also a panoramic pool containing more than 100 types of sharks from various different species. This park carries a combination of Indoor & Outdoor themes and you don't need to be afraid of unsupportive weather because it is equipped with a shielded roof. Another thing is that you can communicate with scuba drivers to hear explanations of the various flora & fauna that are here.

4. Kamo Aquarium

Source: Azu Yamamoto 

One of the unique aquariums in Japan, Kamo Aquarium is located in Tsuruoka, Yamagata District. This is the Aquarium that has the most jellyfish species (more than 40 species from various parts of the world) in the world. When you visit this Aquarium you can see all kinds of glowing jellyfish and colorful jellyfish here creating a new beautiful world and giving a unique new experience. Besides that, you can also eat a variety of healthy foods offered by this aquarium where various foods are made from jellyfish such as ramen, ice cream, etc. You also get various explanations about how to feed jellyfish, seagulls, and of course the sea lion show is fun! Mako Aquarium offers a new experience where everything is packed very attractively.

I hope the various Aquarium recommendations above will give you a reference to enjoy your vacation. You can visit it with the people closest to you by exploring the unique underwater world together, having fun or enjoying various culinary delights. Even so, I hope you will keep your health because the current COVID-19 is very dangerous by using masks, washing your hands, eating various healthy foods and doing social distancing. Stay Safe And Happy Holidays guys!

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