4 Countryside Destinations Recommendation in Japan

KiaraNews.com - Enjoying holidays by traveling to the countryside or nature is the best thing that can be done right now, the COVID-19 Pandemic has a huge impact and of course you don't want to visit the crowd at a time like this right? Enjoy Japanese Countryside without fear of catching COVID-19, Here some recommended Destinations.

1. Kamikochi

Source : https://www.vecteezy.com/photo/1307686-autumn-season-in-kamikochi-nagano-japan
Source: https://www.vecteezy.com/photo/1307686-autumn-season-in-kamikochi-nagano-japan

Located between the Hida Mountains in Nagano, Kamikochi is one of the best options for enjoying a vacation. It is a Japanese highland with a cool Countryside atmosphere. Friendly townspeople and a suitable temperature to relieve stress. Entering summer there is still a splash of snow on the top of Mount Kamikochi which can be seen and is one of the best places in Japan to visit in summer due to its soothing atmosphere. Kamikochi can be accessed by public bus and taxi services, Check this guide http://www.kamikochi.org/plan/access. The area on the Kamikochi plains is perfect for praying, Simple Step and you can relax, put up a tent or hammock and look out over the river, enjoy the sounds of nature that can calm your mind!

2. Hakone


Hakone is one of the best travel destinations which is very popular and is not too far from Tokyo. Only about 50 miles away, Hakone is a famous Japanese rural town away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can enjoy a variety of onsen, the relaxing Lake Ashinoko, and the most important of all is the view of Mount Fuji and don't forget the Hakone Open-Air Museum with a variety of stunning attractions that cannot be missed. Hakone can be visited in various seasons with an ideal atmosphere. There are also various museums such as abstract sculptures or some works by Pablo Picasso, prepare your belongings and go to Hakone to relieve stress!

3. Kumamoto, Mount Aso


One of the best Countryside Destinations in Japan with its natural atmosphere. In downtown Kumamoto there are also remains of Kumamoto Castle which is currently in the process of restoring the remaining buildings, which provide another historical option besides enjoying nature. While waiting for Kumamoto Castle to complete its restoration you can find the most interesting tourist attraction in the Kumamoto area, namely Mount Aso, this is a volcano that is still active and constantly emits smoke from its crater, although at certain times you may climb the mountain, but keep in mind. , if the mountain is too active then a barrier is made for safety, before you go here you should check first so you don't get disappointed.

4. Tottori, Mount Daisen


Tottori is one of the prefectures that holds the best rural tourist destinations, this prefecture is one of the least populated in Japan which provides a unique countryside atmosphere! The rural charm of the area is very comfortable. One of the rural destinations that should be visited in rural Tottori is Mount Daisen, a view with a comfortable mountain landscape and scenic beauty with various colors from nature. Tottori also has a rural spiritual and cultural history with one of Japan's longest, visit Daisen-ji Temple which is over 1,300 years old and it is one of the oldest and holiest temples in Japan. If you want to see some unique art, make sure to also take the time to visit the cafe in Mabuya. Enjoy a coffee with Scenic Beauty and chat with the locals and experience the coziness of Countryside.

Traveling to Countryside is the best choice with Pandemic conditions like this, Minimizing physical contact with lots of people but still enjoying a pleasant holiday! I hope that some of the travel recommendations above can be a reference for you to take a vacation and of course there are still many other destinations that I provide in the next article. Happy holidays and take care of your health!

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