How To Travel Safely In Japan While COVID-19 - COVID-19 Pandemic Right now it's happening and making some holiday plans is messed up for everyone, As we know Japan is one of the countries with the most destinations and is a favorite for travelers from all over the world but also one of the countries affected significantly because this pandemic. This is of course was really bad for us when we can't visit various tourist destinations that can be visited and enjoying their cultures, Even like that this time i will try to make some advice when you want a vacation or when it's vacation safely though it's better to stay at home.

1. Use Standard Equipment when Traveling

If you are already on holiday, maybe some prevention stuff to minimize the effects of contacting with COVID-19 Virus will be very useful. Always bring a hand sanitizer when you go out and of course use a mask that complies with WHO Standards. Another important thing is to try to use a plastic mask that minimizes the droplet effect and use a thick jacket and disposable gloves made of rubber or latex. This is a basic standard that is highly recommended and I think it's prevention is better then cure isn't it?


2. Social Distancing

Basically this is another basic precaution but the impact is very large. When you travel outside, especially when riding public transportation or waiting in line, always give a distance of at least 1-2 meters to prevent the spread of COVID-19 via Droplet when others sneeze or cough and always avoid or minimize physical contact with other people. This also applies to you when you cough or sneeze so you don't spread it to others.


3. Make sure you are healthy

Make sure that your body is in a good condition, If it is not better to stay at home or at your inn while you are traveling. Another thing that might be a little useful, Try to eat fruits and vegetables to make the body's immune system better and of course makes you healthy. Contact the medical team if you feel you are infected or have the same symptoms as COVID-19.


This COVID-19 Pandemic is very dangerous and of course it's better to stay at home and not go out when not in an emergency. If you already on travelling or lockdown on some place I hope some of the suggestions above can be useful for you.

Always do prevention because of course it's better than cure, keep a distance with people around and use prevention stuff. I hope this pandemic will end soon so that we can go on traveling again and do other things normally as before, Stay Safe everyone.
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