Top 5 Recommended Onsen (Hot Springs) on Japan

If we talk about tourist destinations in Japan, there are very many, one of destination is Onsen, This was a natural hot spring formed by the mother of nature results in volcanic activity. In fact there are more than 20,000 onsen in Japan but this time I will try to give a recommendation of 5 Onsen that you need consider to visit if you have plans for a vacation in Japan.

1. Yufuin Onsen

This is one of the favorite tourist hotspots located in the Kyushu region and between the mountains of Mount Yufu, this Onsen provides a new experience with a very beautiful view as far as the eye can see to give something new for us. You can visit this Onsen with a Day Pass which costs around 600-2,100 Yen.

2. Beppu Onsen

Beppu Onsen is one of the famous onsen in Japan. Basically Beppu is a resort with various onsen such as Kannawa and Myoban Onsen but it can be said that some people often call it Beppu Onsen even in different places. Just like before here you can visit various Onsen and enjoy relaxation when soaking in various Onsen here, Another thing is Sand Baths where you can try buried on naturally heated Sand and even Mud!

3. Nyuto Onsen

Nyuto is the name of a village that is filled with various Natural Onsen located on a mountain in Akita. Onsen that have been here for more than 200 years and offer relaxation as well as nuances of the Edo-Period. When it is winter the area will be filled with a thick layer of snow giving a very beautiful view when bathing on various Onsen.

4. Hakone Onsen

Located in the Hakone Region, Hakone is one of the most popular Onsen resorts in Japan. Just like other resorts, here are various Various Onsen with different atmosphere, One of the interesting experiences is bathing while looking at Mt. Fuji from a distance. Onsen entrance fee here is around 550-2200 Yen, different for each Onsen.

5. Kusatsu Onsen

The last recommended onsen is Kusatsu Onsen located in Gunma. This is one of the famous onsen that you must visit. There is a legend that when bathing here various diseases can be cured, you can visit various different onsen here and some onsen is free of charge.

Basically there are some general rules that you need to know before soaking in Onsen, some onsen require full naked even though you also have to respect everyone's space by not seeing them for too long which certainly makes them uncomfortable, another thing is to shower before entering onsen and the last thing that is very important is drinking water because when finished bathing will make the body dehydrated.

I think it's enough for now, I hope this article can be a reference for you if you have plans to take a vacation to Japan and as we know there is currently an outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19). I hope you take care of your health and wear masks or other prevention step before leaving home, Stay Safe everyone and Thank You!
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