Sapporo Snow Festival 2020 - Japan, with its various beauties in this country, makes it one of the most visited countries by various people around the world, ranging from culture, nature and many others. Today, I will write an article which contains information on one of the annual festivals held in this country and certainly you do not want to miss this amazing experience if you are planning a vacation to Japan earlier this month.


Only a few days left before spring arrives in Japan and with the appearance of the blossom it indicates that winter is over, so maybe this one festival you don't want to miss if you are currently in Japan or have plans to take a vacation to Japan earlier this month, Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual festival that is held before the arrival of spring in Japan. This festival began for the first time accidentally around the 1950s where high school students made Statues from snow in Odori Park, and starting in 1955 JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces) began to follow the steps of these young people and until now, Become one of the festivals which is very famous in Japan.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is always full of various domestic and foreign visitors. By presenting nearly 300+ hand-made snow and rising every year, this course gives you a new experience where making something from snow into a fun thing and also seeing various sculptures made by various people each of which has its own uniqueness. In addition, this Festival also has a variety of other interesting things such as scupltures made of ice and also a snow slide and snow rafting rides.


Another last important thing is the International Snow Sculptures Contest competition which is participated by various people from foreign countries. Isn't that interesting? Where you can see various people from all over the world competing to make something unique and beautiful from snow, so don't miss this festival!

Short information that you might need to know before visiting this festival are some important sites, First is the Odori Site which focuses on the Snow Sculptures exhibition, second is the Susukino Site where you can see Sculptures made from ice and the third is the Tsudome Site where you can try Snow slide and also Snow Rafting. For more information, you can visit the official website here;

It looks like the information I have provided is enough and I hope it will be useful for you, Don't miss this Festival! Thank you!
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