5 Cities That You Need to visit in Japan

KiaraNews.com - Japan is one of the countries with the most destinations and is a favorite for travelers from all over the world. This is of course due to various tourist destinations that can be visited by people with combination with their cultures. This time maybe this could be your reference if you have plans while on a Japanese vacation.

Different cities have their uniqueness that gives their own experiences when you visit them. Therefore, before you go to Japan, it is a good idea to make an plan where you will go when you are on vacation in Japan! For that you can read several cities that you must visit below.

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1. Tokyo
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Tokyo is one of the most recognizable and famous cities in the world. With a population of around 35 million people, this city is the most populous city in the world, this city has various destinations such as Akibahara with games, anime and electronics, Harajuku with Fashion trend (Kawaii-Style) or Shibuya Scramble (The most busiest pedestrian crossing) Even though there are still various traditional destinations in the city such as Sensoji temple, Meiji shrines, etc. Besides that, there are also still often held various festivals.

Recommended Place: Tokyo Skytree, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower, Sensoji Temple, Tennoji Temple, Maid Cafe (Akibahara).

2. Nagoya
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Nagoya located in Aichi prefecture where the city is the place of one of the largest automotive companies and has a very long history that is Toyota, if you want a new experience especially for Automotive, Nagoya is the right choice! In addition, Nagoya has become one of the centers of technology in Japan, so you will certainly get a pleasant experience here. Another interesting thing is Nagoya Castle where this is one of the oldest castles in Japan. Besides, this is where one of the biggest cosplay events is held, the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), so I think it's a pity to miss this city you have plans to go to Japan.

Recommended Place: Toyoto Museum, Science Museum (Nagoya City), Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, Osu Kannon.

3. Osaka
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Osaka is one of the most famous and largest cities in Japan. With an active and cheerful environment, this city is one of the most visited cities today. Various interesting destinations in this city, Let's say universal studios Japan or the largest aquarium and One one of the oldest Castle on japan that is Osaka Castle, besides that there is also a Dotobonri where you can try various culinary, playing arcade or nightlife place.

Recommended Place: Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Universal Studio Japan.

4. Okinawa
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One of the other destinations is Okinawa, the main point of visiting Okinawa is visiting the beach and enjoying the atmosphere of the beach and that day or night combined with special food or drinks, Sound amazing isn't it !? Besides that, you can also try various watersport games here, and the last thing that I think is too bad to miss is snorkeling or scuba diving, where you can see various beautiful marine life, Same with other city Okinawa also have an castle that is Shuri Castle, So don't forget visit Okinawa!

Recommended Place: Shuri Castle, Beaches, Miyako and Ishigaki Island

5. Kyoto
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The last destination in this article is Kyoto, you really love Japanese culture? Maybe Kyoto is the most appropriate destination for you to visit. With a very long history and being the capital of Japan for almost 1000 years, of course, this saves a variety of places you can visit, besides that one of the very famous culture is Geisha, maybe you are enough lucky to see one of the Geisha walks by and greets you gracefully, you can also visit the Kyoto National Museum where this museum has more than 200 National treasures, so don't forget to include Kyoto in the list of cities you will visit.

Recommended Place: Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji), Kyoto National Museum, Geisha District (Gion), Fushimi Inari Shrine, Yasaka Pagoda.

I think for now I can only give you a 5 cities that you should visit later if you are going to visit Japan, Sorry if there are some deficiencies I will try to fix the deficiencies in my next article. Thank you for reading and I hope my article can be a reference for you!
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