Ultraman and Marvel

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Kiaranews.com - Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU is one of the biggest film franchises today in the history of Hollywood film coming with a very shocking news for us all. When you hear Marvel we will certainly remember the majority of popular superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America, but what if one Super Hero from the land of the sun comes to become an MCU members?

Well, it seems like this time the MCU members are rumored to be growing, By who? Who else, of course, super hero from Japan, Ultraman! For the 80-90 generation, of course you are familiar with this character, right? Ultraman, this time will soon be part of the Marvel family!

It is not yet clear whether this collaboration is limited to printed works like comic or will there be a movie or maybe a crossover to the current marvel time dimension and work with other marvel superheroes? Well For now we can only assume.

The response from both fanbases has been very positive where they plan to buy merchandise and tell their friends or share it on social media profiles one of which is a tweet from the @asterikoff account which you can see below

Of course this news surprised us all and I'm personally very happy about this partnership, How about you? 

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