Tesla New Pickup Truck

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Kiaranews.com - Tesla, Hearing that name, of course, we immediately remember Elon Musk, a controversial genius, friendly and also humorous where he at the same time made Tesla a big company that is almost known by everyone with electric cars which became a lifestyle which is loved by various people. .

Previously Elon Musk and Tesla announced the Roadster 2020 on November 16, 2017, this time they gave us a Pick Up Truck that uses electric power just like its predecessor. Cybertruck or Tesla B, so the name does sound very futuristic and quite interesting to everyone's attention after it was announced a few days yesterday.

The design looks simple and ordinary, with a common facelift and also the concept of a box body that does look boring but this has become a new breakthrough where Pick Up has various advantages from its competitors such as the FORD F-150.

Cybertruck became a new breakthrough and became a game changer with a storage space of about 2.8 m3 and 2.0 m Cargo Area. Besides that, they also offered 2 options, RWD and AWD, where the highest series, Tri Motor AWD, which was capable of 0-60 mph with 2.9 Sec. We can see the concept of a "box" body but it also looks futuristic at the same time.

Summary, after Cybertruck was announced various positive and negative responses were brought up such as unsuccessful glass tests or use cases in daily life that did not meet the expectations of truck users such as tweets by one of these users.

Cybertruck does look very futuristic and offers advantages over its competitors but it looks like it still needs a lot of improvisation in my opinion, what do you think?

Bonus: Cybertruck pulls FORD F-150 uphill

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